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Arabic Keyboard is a brand new website to bring you loads of fun interactive games from around the internet! Love action? Then Arabic Keyboard is your first stop site to get all your gaming needs =)

Welcome to Arabic Keyboard, we hope you find this tool useful and share it with your friends :)Arabic keyboard is a useful website to help you search for everything and anything in the arabic language. Please like and share our website, this will allow us to develop our tool further and help you surf the entire web through the comfort of your own language, without having to load up any other keyboards, we will work to make your web browsing experience more pleasurable. Please share arabic keyboard today, post it on blogs, forums, facebook, twitter and other platforms.

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Arabic Keyboard serve over 130 million customers a year through our stores and take 26% of sales through the internet channel alone. Four million customer orders either online or over the phone. On average, 18 million UK households, or around two thirds of the population, have the Arabic Keyboard catalogue at home at any time. We intend to open approximately 20 stores this financial year.